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The F37 interface

The Control interface F370 has been designed per for implementation with IFX-C streak sensors, specifically for use with oil-air lubrication systems GMN PRELUB-OL type ST (therefore not for the models Prelub PP and Prelub GP type).

As GMN PRELUB-OL ST lubrication systems are not equipped with oil streak sensors to detect the the correct functionality of the lubrication system.

The system is designed to be easily mounted between the GMN PRELUB-OL ST system and the spindle, as in the example below.

In MWM delivery KIT, two connection cables with the same connectors suitable for GMN PRELUB-OL ST are provided, as shown in the picture below.

The standard solution is provided for the control from 1 to 4 lubrication points, but it is also possible to provide special solutions for a larger number of control points.

A suitable number of IFX-C oil streak  sensors, with electrical cable must be added to the F37 interface, corresponding to the number of lubrication points to be controlled.

With the MWM KIT (Interface F37 + IFX sensors + IFX sensor cables) it is possible to update and implement the standard applications of GMN spindle air-oil lubrication systems.

This solution has been designed for all users of GMN air-oil lubricated spindles with PRELUB-OL ST systems, who wish to have a continuous and reliable detection of the lubrication system in order to achieve greater functional safety.



10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.