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Optical sensor type IFX-S08 for lubricant jets monitoring

Intelligent control of oil flow, pressure and injection system to improve the lubrication performance.

The MWM optical sensor type IFX-S08 was developed for monitoring of lubricant jets in lubrication processes.

This method is used if information on the presence of a jet is required. An optical sensor connected to a spray jet control system in time informs the user of such a spray jet failure. Optical sensor identifies the presence of lubricant particles, if the jet contains no lubricant but only air, the sensor detects the problem and signals the fault.

The IFX-S08 sensor is available with programmable sensitivity to suit all kinds of control needs. MWM also supplies a specific control unit to which one or more IFX sensors can be connected.



11 September 2023

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06 June 2023

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