The experts in lubrication technology

We are a knowledge engineering company that provides systems and services for a wide range of solutions in the field of automatic lubrication of components of industrial machinery.

We have invented electronic detecting systems for air + oil minimum quantity lubrication systems of the angular contact bearings for high speed and few years later patented and developed the programmable optical sensors for detecting minimum dosages of lubricant.
Our skills and technological resources enable us to deal with many tribological issues strictly connected to lubrication of industrial parts and machineries. To provide interdisciplinary solutions we share a deep partnership attitude and collaborate with a wide network of top partners, each partner is specialized in a specific field, this ensures the highest flexibility and the optimum solution, which can satisfy even the most demanding customers.
With our brand MWM Schmieranlagen produce in Italy  Oil-Air lubrication Systems for bearings lubrication for high speed spindles of machine tools and industrial machinery.

We are worldwide exclusive distributors for BTSR Best Technologies Studies & Research devices checking small lubricant volumes, dedicated to the lubrication sector, for detecting of the minimal lubricant flow. Optical sensors and programmable electronic systems.

We are exclusive agents in Italy for WOERNER centralized lubrication systems for oil or grease. Progressive systems, single-line, two-line, multi-line, spray and jet systems. For the lubrication of large presses, plant for paper mill, cement and steel industry and in general in industrial machinery.

We are exclusive agents in Italy microjet® systems for external minimal lubrication or tools in machining by chip removal for machining centers and turning centers. For spray automatic lubrication of the laminates in the molding processes, for lubrication protective in the processes of production and packaging.

We are exclusive distributors in Italy for LUBRIX systems for internal minimal lubrication of tools in machining processes by chips removal. Innovative technology, low environmental impact, established itself in major productions such as in the automotive industry and in the aircraft industry with rapid increase in application even in small productions; thanks to the great benefits and a reduction in management costs.

We represent TriboServ for DLS (Direct Lubrication Systems) and grease minimal lubrication systems of mechanical transmission, such as gears, racks, chains, as well as to bearings, linear guides and ball screws. For applications in the general industry. Intelligent  and economic solutions for many problems in various industrial sectors.

And moreover: we realize complete systems for the dosing or injection of special lubricants. We provide complete and professional services such as planning, assembly, installation after-sale service and programmed maintenance of industrial machineries. For lubrication systems in the main mechanical sectors, of rolling bearings, of lubrication and maintenance technology. Development and implementation of solutions for tribological issues. Special, effective and reliable solutions at competitive prices.




10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.