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Lubrix Minimal quantity lubrication systems (MQL) with aerosol generator (one channel)

Eliminate or shorten production processes in order to to produce more quickly and more efficiently- this goal is a focus of technological development. Dry processing and minimum quantity lubrication can offer enormous potential for optimisation, bringing valuable competitive advantages.

Pioneer of new technologies LUBRIX is among the pioneers of dry processing and internal minimum quantity lubrication. Due to the exclusive concentration on this technology and the competence of its employees, process-sure MQL systems are created that are the global forefront as regards both process and function technology.

Innovative solutions. Aerosol production/delivery: the lubricant can be introduced onto the cutter either through the tool or via nozzles on the side. It is produced within the MQL system using process-technical regulating algorithms and can be transported through the machine to the user through simple piping.

System control. The individual volume flows are optimally regulated by the internal control of the system and all data for the monitoring of process safety is transferred to the machine control system. A particular advantage of LUBRIX is the instrument response time < 0,2 sec., so that the systems also function safely in highly dynamic and fast machines.

Better on principle. LUBRIX MQL systems replace conventional coolants in machining production. Thanks to the special technology, the friction between work piece, shavings and tool are distinctly reduced. Less heat is produced the tools last longer, the cutting speeds become higher and the complete process thus becomes quicker. Depending on the individual machining process, cost-savings of up to 30% can be achieved.



13 May 2019


MWM Schmieranlagen will attend to EMO, world's leading trade fair for metalworking, in Hannover from 16th to 21st  September 2019.

13 February 2019

In Taipei from 4th to 9th March 2019 will take place the 27th edition of the International Machine Tool Show of Taiwan.