The experts in lubrication technology

Centralized lubrication equipment

                Since 1922 WOERNER has been developing, manufactured and marketed lubrication systems which minimise fricti on and wear in plant and machinery. WOERNER products increase the service life and reduce the maintenance and operating costs of machinery.

Innovation and Passion
For more than 90 years we have been developing WOERNER PRODUCTS increase the economic life-time and cut the run
ning costs of machines considerably. Little losses in friction and the effective and economized use of lubricants improve the environmental friendliness by optimising resources and the use of energy. Because of WOERNER innovative strength and user friendly product range, WOERNER company is a leading supplier of Lubrication Technology world wide.

The right method to feed lubricant to the friction points
WOERNER all embracing manufacturing program includes individual components, complete lubrication systems as well as systems which are developed according to customer needs. In addition we support our customers with comprehensive services from advice regarding planning and system designs, to installation, commissioning and servicing.


Creative design, high quality systems and comprehensive service levels will ensure the dynamic future orientated growth of our company. Quality, know-how and flexibility are important factors which underpin the quality of Woerner.

ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles):
ATEX is a standard necessary for machinery and units being used in explosive environment. MWM with WOERNER supplies not only components according to directive 94/9/EC, but also complete systems for oil and grease lubrication.

The Expert in Centralized Lubrication Systems
You will find WOERNER products on both small and large machines, and very complex plants, including Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Vehicles, Paper Machines or Wind energy Plants.
MWM develop optimal solutions with WOERNER products, for your particular needs.
For example, see our latest development of the centralized lubrication equipment for aggressive environment, according to the progressive system.

Lubricant Distributors
WOERNER distributors dispense oil and greases of high and low viscosity, with highest precision.
You will find WOERNER products on both small and large machines,Precise metering volume reduces lubricant consumption and contributes to environmental protection. With our know-how and of course, with our modern Integration and manufacturing technologies, we are developing and producing high quality lubrication systems

WOERNER knowledge and know-how to your advantage and benefit
WOERNER is an ISO 9001 Company, because quality management to us means integrating all manufacturing and management processes in order to achieve optimum results.




11 September 2023

MWM Schmieranlagen will attend to EMO 2023, world's leading trade fair for machine tools, automation and metalworking, that will be in Hannover from...

06 June 2023

MWM oil+air minimal lubrication system model ZXT-4 Special, for macro-spraying, without oil mist generation.