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MWM LS 37 - MQL system for tools with internal oil mist feed
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High performance aerosol generator with integrated electronic control for single channel minimum quantity lubrication of tools. Fully automatic and dynamic lubrication process from inside or outside. Ideal for modern CNC machine tools with fixed or swivel-head spindle, with nose ≥ HSK-63. The high erosol volume generated by this system allows to lubricate a single large tool (ie: with tool holder HSK 80-100), as well as several tools in simultaneous operation, with a controlled lubricant distribution. LS 37 particularly fits when small and large tools are needed to work a piece, but non suitable to lubricate simultaneously two different tools with two specific parameters. 

Data Sheet

Dimensions with cabinet: (H x L x W)  800 x 600 x 300 mm
Cabinet finishing, standard:  epoxy painted, RAL 9002
Compressed air:  quality class 5 ( ISO 8573-1)
Air supply pressure range:  4,5 ÷ 16 / 4,5 ÷ 10 bar
Supply pressure at the tool:  14 / 8 ÷ 15,5 / 9,5 bar
Max air flow with 1 spindle:  5.800 Nl/min
Ideal air flow: 1.200 Nl/min
Min. functional air flow:  250 Nl/min
Pneumatic air inlet:  through pipe Ø ext.16 mm (DIN 12)
Tank capacity:  6 l (max filling capacity 4 l)
Oil filling:  manual, with screw cap 
             alternatively:  with automatic refill module
Level control with 3 switches (max,min,empty):  standard included
Suitable oils:  exclusively synthetic (or vegetable) without additives
Aerosol outlets: 2x, quick plug for pipe Ø ext.12 mm  (DIN 10)
Power supply:  24V DC , max 5A
Data exchange:  PROFINET or PROFIBUS
Weight: 45 Kg
Operating temperature: +10 /+50 °C




26 April 2021

The MWM Air+Oil lubrication system is used for the protective lubrication of the master gear, which can have different tooth widths.

10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.