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ZXT-4 Special

MWM oil+air minimal lubrication system model ZXT-4 Special, for macro-spraying, without oil mist generation. The absence of oil mist generation guarantees the best environmental conditions in the production area.

With electronic system to select the number of nozzles and program the lubrication cycle via touch screen. Quantity of lubricant can be modified by changing the lubrication cycles.

Precise spray lubrication, with functional control with optical sensor that monitors the presence of lubricant.

Control of the absence of mist generation by accurate regulation of the compressed air pressure for spraying.

The MWM Air+Oil lubrication system is used for macro-spraying lubrication by means of compact pneumatically piloted nozzles, ensuring drip-free operation and drastic reduction in compressed air consumption.



11 September 2023

MWM Schmieranlagen will attend to EMO 2023, world's leading trade fair for machine tools, automation and metalworking, that will be in Hannover from...