The experts in lubrication technology

To design and develop  advanced technological solutions for automatic controlled lubrication in industrial processes, providing an important contribution to the efficiency increase of industrial machineries in productive processes.

Pursuit of quality and technological refinement of manufactured products.

To confirm our position of “qualified supplier” through the development of innovative solutions able to anticipate the market requirements and to react quickly to changes in progress.

To develop new ideas, applying our experiences to reliable and competitive “customer oriented” solutions.

Vision of partnership with the customer, focused on development of long-term relationships.
Implementation of custom-made solutions which strengthen the spirit of collaboration with the customer and help to share the improvement.

Total quality control and increment of productive efficiency.

Constant search for solutions and specific skills to enhance our role of experts in lubrication.



13 February 2019

In Taipei from 4th to 9th March 2019 will take place the 27th edition of the International Machine Tool Show of Taiwan.

20 November 2018

The oil fog sensor presented by MWM Schmieranlagen, sets new standards in Microfog Lubrication for mechanical components as speed/power bearings for...