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Triboserv stands for comprehensive, professional, consultation and service in the sectors of  lubrication technology and maintenance applied to rolling bearings, toothed racks and pinions, linear guides,  recirculating ball screws, etc. We develop and implement customer specific solutions in the field of tribology. Our specialities are effective, reliable, and cost competitive solutions.
To find interdisciplinary solutions, Triboserv works with a wide network of specialists. This guarantees highest flexibility and technology also for the most demanding requirements. This network ensures Triboserv is your one-stop source off the complete knowledge direct lubrication technology and maintenance.
Your advantage: We offer affordable custom-made solutions also for small and medium sized companies.
Consultation:  Our demand is to provide influencing and innovative but still practical solutions. Take advantage of our experience.

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Product range


FlexxPump is an extraordinary compact lubrication pump for oil and grease up to NLGI 2 (or NLGI 3 with model FP1000) also suitable for grease containing solid lubricants. Our product range includes pumps equipped with a battery pack for self efficient power supply. Alternatively, FlexxPump can also be connected to 24 V DC grid. Depending on the configuration, the FlexxPump is available with 1 up to 4 outlets, (FP1.. FP4 models), or with 4 or 8 outlets (FP1000 model), and is there for the best solution for applications with limited lubricating points.

Typical applications are electrical motors, ventilators, and compressors. For maintenance, it can be used to re-lubricate chains with chain oil, or it can supply lubrication pinions with oil and grease. Due to the compact dimensions, the FlexxPump can be used for retro fitting. Many other applications are possible.


Chain lubrication pinions can be used for the re-lubrication of roller-chains used in various locations. FlexxPinion can be used with lubricating oils having a viscosity from 32 to 30.000 cSt.

During the operation of chains wear occurs in the moving parts leading to an elongation of the chain. With a regular maintenance and good lubrication this can be prevent. Using the FlexxPinion and FlexxPump re-lubrication system, the efficiency of the chain is increased and therefore the driving energy can be considerably reduced. Resulting in energy savings

To prevent oil splatter due to high centrifugal forces we recommend the optional protective cover for chains running at speed higher than 2,5 m/s. The replenishment of the PU-foam-rolls is with an automatic re-lubrication system such as the system FlexxPinion. This insures a long-term, fully automatic, reliable, supply of chain oil to the chain.


Using PU-foam gears to automatically apply lubricant to gears and racks is a very economical technical solution. To achieve this, a special lubrication pinion will be attached the drive pinion or rack. The PU- foam gear does not transfer force or torque, it only releases lubricant into the contact zone of meshing gears. An ideal supply over very long time is insured using the special open pore PU-foam of the lubrication pinion. The material stores the lubricant and is releasing it in smallest amounts in the contact zone of the teeth, preventing wear, due to lubricant starvation. Excess lubricant is re-absorbed which prevents spillage due to over lubrication.

The foam is supplied with lubricant via the tube connected to the axis of the Lubrication Pinion using a suitable local grease dispensing unit or a central lubrication system. FlexxGear can be used with lubricating oils having a viscosity from 32 to 30.000 cSt and with grease class up to NLGI 2 .

A long term wear free operation of the gears and racks can be guaranteed. The requirement for special open gear greases is dramatically reduced compared to conventional re-lubrication methods. As for examples, spray system or brushes. The reason for this is the re-absorption properties of the PU-Foam after exiting the compression phase which releases lubricant in the contact zone.

Typical application for Lubrication Pinions can be found in gears of large diameter bearing in wind turbines, open gears on ball mills, kilns, dryers, winches, rack and pinions in machine and automation engineering.




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