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Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Systems for high-speed bearings, high speed gears, linear guides ball screw and sliding surfaces.

MWM Schmieranlagen is the first company in Italy to have developed compact Oil+Air Lubrication Units for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with patented electronic devices for control of the dosed air+oil supply. In order to realize an efficient lubrication of high speed ball bearings, only MQL system can ensure the minimun lubricant quantity, avoiding overheating.
The MQL finds application in processes like HSC (High Speed Cutting) for example in the aeronautic industry, as well as in the car industry, in mould working and other sectors. The MQL-MWM products family consists of a wide range of units and accessories for different kind of applications in the machine tools field.

The main fields of application for MWM technology are high speed bearings used in spindles for machine tools.

IFX sensors, for a reliable/safe lubrication

The Optical Streak Sensor applied directly on the Oil+Air Mixer can guarantee the outgoing of the air-oil mixture from the mixer. The lubricating flux pass through the sensitive part of the sensor inside a transparent tube; the image variation is detected from the electronic receiver of the element so that any lack of flux causes an alarm output signal. IFX sensors are programmable and the output signal can be managed by a control unit.

The oil streak sensors are available whether for direct mounting on transparent flexible pipe or for internal mounting into the air+oil mixer (mixer MVF-AX, MWM European Patent).
The sensor position determines the possibility to carry out a dynamic control (control of the "miss shot") or a static control according to the real volume of supplied lubricant. See applications page.


The air-oil mixer MVF-A  is the state of the art of air+oil mixers with integrated internal control through optical sensor. It can be supplied with certified precision dosage elements, it is unique in his category and is protected by international patents.

Our know-how has been developed in over 30 years experience in design and production of systems for minimal lubrication with high performance monitoring devices.

Work with 100% safety. With the use of optical sensors, MWM has adopted the concept of continuos and automatic monitoring. We developed the concept SL-Pro (100% Safe Lubrication Process) with combination of the Air+Oil Mixer MVF-A with integrated optical sensors and digital pressure sensors with double threshold.



Thanks to reliability of its lubrication and monitoring systems MWM is able to assure their customers higher safety standards and to their end-users reduced downtime.

MWM product range includes a wide choice of single components, such as pumps, mixers, filters, hydraulic and electronic devices. Every component has been optimized to ensure the best solution at the right value. MWM develops custom Oil+Air Units for many first-class machine tool manufacturers.

In addition to the dose verification system with optical streaks sensor (external or internal), MWM produces systems with air+oil mixers with inductive sensor (Mixer MVL-C) for lubricant dosing control.



11 September 2023

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