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Minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems for tools


Since 1989 microjet® GmbH has been developing and manufacturing microjet® minimum-quantity lubricating systems (MMS). We became pioneers within this range thanks to the two-phase mixing nozzle, which generates a fog-free aerosol. Our strength is the customized production. Today microjet® GmbH supplies its systems world-wide. The minimum quantity lubricating systems are used in different fields and applications.

Functional principle of the microjet® of the two-phase nozzle.
The two-phase nozzle possesses an internal mixing chamber, in which the liquid is mixed using compressed air. At the same time compressed air flows within an annular channel parallel to the mixing chamber and forms an air jacket when emerging from the nozzle end. This patented technology prevents an unwanted penetration of the liquid particles in the surrounding air and at the same time gives the mixture jet a stable direction without fogging.

The minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) of the tools has been mainly developed to solve the problem of environmental impact which is strictly connected with the employment of conventional lubricants in mechanical workings.


In comparison with traditional workings the MQL brings about also an improvement of the superficial finishing which means a higher surface quality, beyond that an improvement of working parameters as well as an increase of tool service life.



11 September 2023

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06 June 2023

MWM oil+air minimal lubrication system model ZXT-4 Special, for macro-spraying, without oil mist generation.