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IFX-C Optical Oil Streak Sensor

The IFX Optical Oil Streak Sensor, directly installed on the transparent pipe, monitors the continuity of the oil flow/delivery in oil+air lubrication systems. The sensor is equipped with a light emitting transmission diode, which projects a light bundle on an electronic receiver element with electronic smart card. Any image variation of air+oil flow in motion air+oil mixture is detected and processed according to a patented and advanced technology.

IFX-F Optical Sensor for Oil Microfog

The IFX-F sensor allows the immediate detection of lubricant flow rate in oil microfog lubrication systems. The detection of pre-set value of flow rate causes the turning on of green LED. Any flow interruption or change (increase or decrease) in lubricant flow compared to the target value generates an error signal and a red LED light turns on. The check reference flow rate is set at first programming stage.


The economy is at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. The technical foundation for these endeavours are intelligent and digital networked systems. With their help a highly self-managed production should become possible: men, machines, plants, logistics and products communicate with each other and directly cooperate in the Industry 4.0. In this context, the sensors’ role is a very important issue: they enable the exchange of information, strategic topic to the industrial process management. The sensors and embedded systems allow nowadays a great density of information, a process quality and transparency, which was unimaginable before. Moreover, the new concepts of decentralized controls and maintenance management are very effective. MWM acquired in this field a position as market leader in the automatic lubrication systems for process control technology. With extensive knowledge of lubrication systems, going back over 30 years, and in a constant program of research in cooperation with Universit  POLITECNICO of Milan, our company has developed a wide range of electronic sensors by focusing on solutions for customer applications to detect the lubricant flow rate (oil-air lubrication, oil mist lubrication, spray, injection or liquid oil lubrication).  The sensors work with different operating principles: photodiodes, laser beams, etc. and represent a proprietary technology, protected by international patent.



11 September 2023

MWM Schmieranlagen will attend to EMO 2023, world's leading trade fair for machine tools, automation and metalworking, that will be in Hannover from...

06 June 2023

MWM oil+air minimal lubrication system model ZXT-4 Special, for macro-spraying, without oil mist generation.